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Campbell’s Driving School, LLC, welcomes the opportunity to help all
students reach their driving goals. The decision to sign up for driving
school is one that should be considered carefully. Students need to be
motivated to learn to drive and ready for the challenges of the
classroom experience as well as the six hours of behind the wheel
instruction. The MDOT MVA has an expectation that students enrolled
in the driving program should finish both the classroom and behind the
wheel instruction in 18 weeks. That can be very hard to achieve if the
student begins the program and has not yet acquired or soon will
receive their permit. Don’t become the student who finishes the
classroom component then chooses to wait one or two years to finish
the driving portion. This often does not produce an effective outcome
since classroom instruction was completed at a much earlier date. Plan
to complete the program in a timely way. The benefits of the sixty
hours of driving with an experienced adult cannot be stressed enough.
After the student has had some drive time with an adult, then our
instructors can fine tune skills already demonstrated. It is a total team
effort. We are ready to help you achieve driving success when YOU are

Important Announcement

Beginning August 1, 2023, Campbell’s Driving School will charge $340.00 for students who took the classroom portion from anoBeginning August 1, 2023, Campbell’s Driving School will charge $340.00 for students who took the classroom portion from another driving school, either in-person or online, for the six hours of “ Behind The Wheel “ (BTW) instruction. We are experiencing an increase in these requests. Our school is happy to help any student fulfill their driving objectives and will continue to accept students who need the BTW segment. However, it does require extra scheduling time and office processing time as our instructors strive to fulfill all students’ needs, including the students who chose Campbell’s Driving School for their total driving experience.

Campbell’s Driving School looks forward to continuing to serve students by providing a quality program on the mid-shore area as they complete requirements and achieve their driving goals.

Registration for Summer 2023 Classes Available Now!

Campbell’s Driving School Announces Class Schedule for the Summer of 2023!  Registration is available now .  Click “ Book Online” found in the menu at the top of the website which will take you to the registration form. Choose the date you wish and completely fill out the form, including your entire address. Click on “ Pay Now” to use your credit card or click further down for the “ Pay In Person” option which allows you to pay during class by means of check, cash or money order only. Class will be held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish House located at 403 Main Street, Church Hill, Maryland. As always, please call 410-438-3552 for help.

July 31-August 11, 2023 (5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P. M.)

September 11-22,  2023 (5:00P.M.-8:00 P.M.)

Thank you for choosing Campbell's Driving School L.L.C.!

New Information Regarding Behind the Wheel Instruction

Once the student receives the “ Learner’s Permit” from the MDOT/MVA  and has driven for ten to twenty hours or more with an adult , they may call our office, 410-438-3552, or one of the driving instructors to schedule an appointment to complete the “ Behind The Wheel” portion of the program. These drivers will provide even more experiences for the student on various roadways. For the student’s convenience, our certified drivers will meet the driver at their home and return them after the two hour lesson. Hopefully by this time, the student is more comfortable driving and is motivated to complete the BTW instruction. Please be aware that the actual driving part of driver’s education is based on skills learned from taking the classroom instruction portion. If too much time elapses between  completing the two components, there is the likelihood that some of the training may not be as concrete as it was. Our goal is to help the student complete the entire process in a timely and positive way.

If the pupil has a new address or different phone number, that information should be given to the office and the driver who will be scheduling for the BTW instruction.

To schedule driving, please contact Randy Ayres : 410-708-6025, Phil Russum: 410-708-8001 or Bob Campbell, 410-438-3552. You may also email us at   and provide the name of the student and phone number.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. We are striving to make this experience a successful and pleasant one! We are ready when YOU are ready!

COVID-19 Important Information

The Maryland Department of Transportation and The Motor Vehicle Administration located in Glen Bernie, Maryland has outlined guidelines limiting in the number of students permitted in class at any given time. 

When class begins, there will be a waiver of liability of health to be signed by parents/guardians for all students under the age of 18. Students will then receive a temperature check with an infra-red thermometer (not to exceed 100 degrees). Anyone who has a temperature of more than 100 degrees or who has been around anyone with COVID-19 in the last two weeks will not be allowed to enter class. Everyone will be expected to wear masks at all times which will be brought from home. We will all strive to keep the six foot social distancing rule and will have hand sanitizer available. No food will be allowed at the site. These protocols are outlined by the MDOT/MVA.

Please note that students may schedule the six hours of Behind The Wheel instruction at this time. Use the driver phone numbers listed on the website or email the company at or with further questions. The same protocols as listed for the classroom instruction also apply to the driving instruction part. There will be a permission letter to be signed for all students under the age of 18 by a parent/guardian to sign before the initial drive. Students will begin with a temperature check before driving. All students and instructors will need to wear masks and after the drive, the car will be sanitized. Also, please do not schedule driving tests until the six hours of driving are complete. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time in our country and we continue to hope for your safety and wellness. As always, thank you for choosing Campbell’s Driving School!

Driving School

Continue to check the website frequently for new information and announcements !

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Classes and Courses

Campbell's Driving School, LLC  has been in business since 2005.  Known for its integrity and fairness with the students and their parents, we want the experience of educating the young people of the Mid-shore in driver's education to be an important but safe experience and full of driving opportunities. Lastly, we want the parents to believe in our ability to teach their teenagers how to function on today's roads and highways.

Driving Lesson

Driver's Education Class

Behind the Wheel Instruction with a Car.
*** Campbell's Driving School HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that ALL students complete the Behind the Wheel Instruction requirements of the drivers's education program, involving six hours of driving time with an instructor, no later than 18 weeks after the successful completion of the Classsroom Instruction part of the program.***

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