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Campbell’s Driving School is in the process of getting permission to restart driver’s education at St. Luke’s Church in Church Hill, Maryland. The Diocesan task force and the Bishop of The Diocese of Easton have  to give us approval. We are optimistic that this consent will soon be forthcoming since we are now in stage two of the reopening plan for the state of Maryland. As soon as this occurs, there will be an announcement posted on this website. The March 2020 class will then be contacted to complete the second week of instruction which was canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Campbell’s Driving School will also have to adhere to the actual number of students allowed in a classroom at one time as outlined by The Maryland Department of Transportation and The Motor Vehicle Administration located in Glen Bernie, Maryland. At this time, the number of students is lower than the number of students allowed per classroom before the virus crisis. We are hoping that this number will increase as more restrictions are lifted by the state of Maryland. This may necessitate our restructuring of class size which may cause more smaller classes to complete the five day classroom instruction required causing a possible increase in time it will take to complete the class for students. However, ALL students will be able to finish the classroom instruction. We will reach out to all March 2020 students with this information by email or text so that we can schedule each student. After the March class is finished, we will begin to work with the April, May and June students who have registered. We hope that by then, class size will return to a more normal size. We are not taking any new applicants at this time, but feel free to email or call us to be placed on the waiting list.

When class begins, there will be a waiver of liability of health to be signed by parents/guardians for all students under the age of 18. Students will then receive a temperature check with an infra-red thermometer (not to exceed 100 degrees). Anyone who has a temperature of more than 100 degrees or who has been around anyone with COVID-19 in the last two weeks will not be allowed to enter class. Everyone will be expected to wear masks at all times which will be brought from home. We will all strive to keep the six foot social distancing rule and will have hand sanitizer available. No food will be allowed at the site. These protocols are outlined by the MDOT/MVA.

Please note that students may schedule the six hours of Behind The Wheel instruction at this time. Use the driver phone numbers listed on the website or email the company at with further questions. The same protocols as listed for the classroom instruction also apply to the driving instruction part. There will be a permission letter to be signed for all students under the age of 18 by a parent/guardian to sign before the initial drive. Students will begin with a temperature check before driving. All students and instructors will need to wear masks and after the drive, the car will be sanitized. Also, please do not schedule driving tests until the six hours of driving are complete. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time in our country and we continue to hope for your safety and wellness. As always, thank you for choosing Campbell’s Driving School!


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Campbell's Driving School, LLC  has been in business since 2005.  Known for its integrity and fairness with the students and their parents, we want the experience of educating the young people of Kent and Queen Anne's County in driver's education to be an important but safe experience and full of driving opportunities. Lastly, we want the parents to believe in our ability to teach their teenagers how to function on today's roads and highways.

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*** Campbell's Driving School HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that ALL students complete the Behind the Wheel Instruction requirements of the drivers's education program, involving six hours of driving time with an instructor, no later than 18 weeks after the successful completion of the Classsroom Instruction part of the program.***

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